Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions I get asked almost every day.


Where are you based?


Do you make custom stickers/merch for anyone?

I don't publicly offer my sticker/clothing services. It's a timely exercise and I use *most* of my time doing stuff for my own brand/company


Why don't you make banners?
They're a pain to ship out and they use a lot of vinyl. Also, It's more of a personal choice. I feel a banner is a big level of representation and I don't feel comfortable having people I don't know personally representing my brand like that, for example; If someone does something stupid at an event, a meet or just on the street and they cause harm to someone, crash their car and so on, that can negatively impact my business' reputation. I know it might sound dumb but that's my choice, sorry.


How long will my order take?

It's hard to guess how long stuff takes but here's a rough average from past orders:

Australia - Roughly one week, maybe two if AusPost is having any issues.
United States - I've noticed that most of the time it takes about three weeks to get to the USA but I've had some orders take up to five to six weeks.
United Kingdom/Europe - Roughly the same as The United States.