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Mystery Packs have returned! 

Added a 50/50 chance (literally) to also receive a FREE mini nobori flag on top of all your stickers! 

Add the GH Snap if you'd like to see your mystery pack get packed! 

( @ ghost666house )


Please be patient as I slowly restock all of the White, Matte Black and Pink vinyl, the website is rather bare at the moment due to discontinuing all of my holographic and glitter vinyl.


It got to the point where it was too difficult to stay on top of it all, too many colours and too many designs.

I have decided to shift my focus onto bigger and better things, I hope you can understand x

(note: there may be the possibility of limited edition runs of certain designs in certain holographic/glitter finishes in the near future xx)



Below is a list of what's going to be happening around here soon

- Discontinuing current phone cases and replacing them with new designs and photos! (this will also mean the newer Samsung and iPhone 13's will be available)

- New Desktop & Phone wallpapers will also be coming soon x



Love, Ghost Daddy x