Mullumbimby Trip July 2021.

I recently treated myself to a new Sony A7S III mainly because I've been wanting to get into film making for years, I originally bought the camera with the sole purpose of using it to film, but after playing around with it there's a good chance it might just be my new main rig... 
That's where Mullumbimby comes in.
I was so eager to test the new camera out along with the DJI Ronin RSC 2 that I also purchased, Sydney had just gone into lockdown as well as Queensland. 
So here I am, sitting at home bored out of my mind at 2AM on a Thursday.
Thought to myself "Fuck it, why not?" and messaged my good friend Caelan (@nugcaelan) asking what he had planned for the weekend. He responded with "Not much hey, why's that?". Fast forward to Friday afternoon and there I was standing next to Caelan looking at his stupidly-good HR31 Passage GT. 
As the sun started to go down, people started to show up at Caelan's and we decided to go find a gas station nearby that had good lighting for some photos and to test out the new setup. 
After driving around until about 4AM we kind of forgot we planned to wake up for sunrise to go and shoot more photos so we tried to get some sleep. About three hours later we were heading back out to go and hit the mountains in hopes of it being nice and foggy without many people around.
Halfway up we stopped in at an amazing cafe for coffee & breakfast then once we were finished we headed on up.
After breakfast we were back on the road exploring the hills, Caelan thought he broke his car on a massive bit of raised road so we pulled over in what turned out to be the most photogenic spot on the whole drive.
For our last stop we headed to the lookout at the top of the mountain we'd just spent the morning driving around.
The view wasn't as spectacular as I was hoping (only because it was so damn foggy lol) but the fog made for some really nice photos so it was a win win.
And on that note, what a fucking weekend.
Thankyou Caelan for having me on such short notice & thankyou to everyone who came to hang out for the weekend.
I Love you all very much & Can't wait to see you all again x
As Caelan would say "what an absolute pissa of a weekend"