Frequently Asked Questions



Where are you based?

Why does your website show a design as $5 but it's actually $7 at checkout?
The website automatically shows the lowest price which is white vinyl at $5 whereas Oilslick etc is $7, Sorry but that's out of my control.

What's the difference between Sparkle and Glitter?
Glitter has a much finer sequin to it whereas Sparkle has a much larger sequin, Below is a comparison of Magenta Sparkle (bottom left) and Magenta Glitter (top right)

How long will my order take the get here?
There's no way of knowing when exactly your order will arrive but hopefully this helps:
Australia - Roughly one week, maybe two if AusPost is having any issues.
United States - I've noticed that most of the time it takes about three weeks to get to the USA but I've had some orders take up to five to six weeks.
United Kingdom/Europe - Roughly the same as The United States.

(these times may be affected by COVID)

Why are certain colours missing for certain designs?
Some items may have different colours available due to old stock not selling as fast so I just keep them available until they're all sold out.

I received the wrong item/I am missing an item with my order, what do I do?
Message me on Instagram and i'll try my best to get a replacement sent out ASAP.

In all honesty if you have any questions please feel free to just contact me on Instagram via. DM and I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can.