Wekfest, After.

Wekfest, After.

As we were sitting at our hotel room in Nagoya at night we could hear an endless amount of cars making all sorts of noises on the nearby highway so we knew there was going to be something similar to Daikokufuto out here in Nagoya, we just had no idea where.
After doing a bit of research on the internet I discovered there was a PA somewhat close to where Wekfest was being held, so we decided we’d head there right after Wekfest had finished.
Nagashima Parking Area near Nagoya is where we were headed.
So, It seemed we got there a little too early as there wasn't much happening. 
At this point I started to assume it was going to be a flop and nobody from Wekfest was going to show up but seeing this cool civic on bags gave me a small amount of hope..
Then, it happened.
A handful of cars that i'd just seen at Wekfest came rolling into the Parking Area, the sound of chassis rails grinding against the ground drowned out the noise of people screaming on rollercoasters at the nearby amusement park.

With “Golden Hour” just beginning (that time of day where the sun is starting to disappear over the horizon) I was ready to get some cracking shots going. 

I was really liking this Merc, just screams class.
Spotted this sweet little Volkswagen bug on the back of a flatbed. Couldn't imagine how expensive it would be to have a VW Bug on the road in Japan, considering their extremely strict pollution laws. Probably why it's on the back of a trailer haha

European cars seemed to be the more popular choice of car for Wekfest. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and so on filled the PA.



I Instantly fell in-love with this Mark X the second I laid eyes on it. I honestly took way too many photos of it but I regret nothing.

The gold window tint and clear tailights were a really nice touch, gotta give props to the owner, he has good taste.
This civic was on a whole different level, I don't know why but this just seems like something you'd see out in LA or somewhere in America, not in Japan.
Spotted this Soarer just passing through to get a bite to eat before (presumably) heading home back to Tokyo or somewhere not local, he wasn't keen on hanging around. The want for a Z10 or Z20 Soarer is oh so high for me.
This NSX was simply beautiful, not much else is needed to be said.
A big group of cars rolled in all together and parked up right next to where I was standing, It was so surreal seeing this many show-cars "out in the wild", made for some good photo opportunities. 
These two Altezza's were extremely eye catching, It was hard not to look at them.
I was so glad this LS400/Celsior showed up because I didn't get a clear shot of it at Wekfest as it was surrounded by people all day..
This R34 was just oozing style. The wild kit, different choice of wheels and the fluro orange all combined has created the perfect car. I took about 20 photos of it but i'll only post a couple here.
Small slideshow of this Aristo pulling up to the rest of the PURE VIP Group.
This 350Z was airbrushed all over, I didn't capture many photos of the artwork on it because there was simply too much to cover, I spent a good ten minutes or so just looking at all of it. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but you've got to give the owner credit for putting that much time and effort into a paintjob.
As the sun started to fall behind the horizon we decided it was time to head back to the hotel since we needed a good nights sleep for the 3-4 hour drive the next morning to get out to Doridore. We went and got something to eat and headed back to the car, where I spotted this Majesta which was just a 'lil bit wild.
Thanks for reading x
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