Wekfest Japan 2019

Wekfest Japan 2019

We attended Wekfest Japan during our trip since we were already out in Nagoya for Doridore, I was absolutely blown away by how clean and presentable every single car was, Every little detail had been attended to, No expenses spared at all.
I don't have much to write about it all so this will basically just be a massive photo dump, Enjoy x

Upon arriving at the large parking garage right next to the venue, We spent a good 40 minutes or so aimlessly wondering around the general admission parking area, There were so many awesome street-driven cars and tonnes of cars that should’ve honestly been a part of Wekfest themselves.

After spending a solid hour waiting in line to enter Wekfest, we were finally in. My mind was instantly blown, the area alone was breathtaking; massive dome roof with windows everywhere letting the sunlight through and an endless ocean of show cars as far as the eye could see.

This one goes out to all you itasha anime weebs.


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