Here's what's new

We're finally back, here's what's new.
(1) We've made the decision to start using boxes for shipping, this makes it cheaper for larger orders with a variety of different items ( e.g. 2 shirts, 1 Flag, 1 Number plate etc). We can put all of those items in the one box instead of sending the two shirts and flag then the number plate separately in a more secure parcel, making it cheaper for you.
(2) We've done some optimising to try make the website easier to navigate.
I was informed that a lot of people would just be clicking STORE at the top of the website instead of scrolling down on the homepage so we've added proper filtering on the store page to try help you find what you're looking for.
(3) We've introduced free shipping on sticker orders that come to a certain amount:
Australia - $15 and up
NZ - $15 and up
Asia - $15 and up
USA/Canada - $20 and up
United Kingdom - $20 and up
Europe - $20 and up
Rest of the world - $20 and up