What's New

*PLEASE* put your phone number with your order (the courier requires it and without it your order will be placed on hold until a phone number is added) sorry for the inconvenience.
Things are going to be operating a little differently going forward in regards to clothing, accessories and so on.
Shipping of clothing to the United Kingdom and Europe is currently on hold due to their new VAT laws, we are currently trying to find a way for this to work with the website.
I have partnered with a company that has warehouses all over the world so shipping costs & times will be significantly reduced for my international customers.
The store uses an algorithm to dispatch your order from the closest warehouse, unless the item you have ordered is not in stock at that location.
(e.g. - My Nun duffle bag ended up getting shipped from Europe)
Due to this, there is a chance your items will be fulfilled from more than one location but not to worry, tracking will be supplied for each parcel.
Stickers will be sent separately from clothing and other apparel and you will most likely receive them before your clothing.
PLEASE NOTE: the payment method you choose to use will affect the shipping time of your products.
 PayPal is the fastest and Afterpay is the slowest.
The shipping times you're quoted are once the product is finished and ready to be dispatched, not when your order is placed, Orders are usually ready to be dispatched within approximately five days.

I know this may seem like an inconvenience to some but this is honestly the best option we've got in terms of efficiency and cost.

Thankyou so much for your endless support over the years and I can't wait to see you all looking groovy as FUCK in your new GH merch.

Lots of love
Mike / Ghost Daddy x